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Practice Urology Dr. S. Jordan

Praxis Dr. S. Jordan - München Maximilianstr. 47, 80538 München Praxis Dr. S. Jordan - Augsburg Theodor-Heuss-Platz.8, 86150 Augsburg


Children urology laboratory

general clinical examinations (blood, urine) bacteriological investigations microbiological examinations Virological diagnostics tumor markers ...

Outpatient operations

circumcision Vasectomy (sterilization of the man) Operations of the scrotum removal of the ...

Stationary operations

Transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP) Removal and fragmentation of the kidney (ESWL) ...

Conservative treatment

injections physical therapy

Urology of the penis

penis tumor impotence penile implants Phimosis (foreskin constriction)

Urethra urology

urethral stricture urethral polyp urethral caruncle Urethritis

Urinary bladder urology

Removal of bladder tumors Removal of bladder stones Symptomatic treatment of urinary incontinence ...

Ureter Urology

Surgical dissection of the ureter Removal of ureteral polyps Removal of ureteral stones ...

Kidney ultrasound

kidney failure Cystic kidney (polycystic kidney disease) Nephroptosis Endoscopic operations Da Vinci operation ...

Kidney urology

Kidney stones kidney cancer

Prostate urology

Prostate Cancer (Drug Treatment, Chemotherapy, Surgical Endoscopic Surgery, Da Vinci Robot Assistant) Prostatitis (...

Urology of the scrotum

spermatocele hydrocele varicocele biopsy